What is your learning style?

Reading and learning styles can be classified into three major types. Visual, Auditory and Tactile. The explanation of these styles are pretty straightforward. A visual learner learns by seeing pictures or reading books. An auditory learner prefers audio or conversational learning. A tactile learns prefers experimental or a hands-on approach. Detailed analysis of learner profiles can be found here.

Information such as learning styles can be a major asset for trainers. Trainees selected based on learning style or training material tailored for trainees’ style can result in remarkable results. There is one common line across all the learner profiles.  The most learners perform better when they revisit the areas that failed them the first time. One review of mistakes or weak areas in a subject allows the reader to quickly cement the new information and renders the  knowledge permanent. There is not much research performed on this attribute, but analytics from test takers make this an obvious conclusion. Test platforms from Paced Learning also use a similar approach and hence offer an intuitive approach to test preparation.

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